State News

Subaru’s Positions Against Recycled and Aftermarket Parts is a Disservice to Consumers

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) strongly opposes Subaru’s recently published position statement that misleads consumers and effectively bans the use of safe and economical alternative repair parts. ARA’s Executive Director, Sandy Blalock, notes that “Auto manufacturers have become more aggressive in their efforts to force ROE-Recycled Original Equipment® and aftermarket parts out of the market. […]

National News

Automotive Recyclers Applaud Federal Trade Commission Action on Repair Restrictions

ARA is applauding a July 21, 2021 vote by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to increase enforcement against repair restrictions. The unanimous vote (5-0) on a policy statement that prioritizes investigations into unlawful repair restrictions was taken during an open Commission meeting during which ARA and others in the automotive replacement parts industry participated. “The […]

Recycled Original Equipment Parts a Smart Choice as Average Age of Vehicles in Operation Increases

ARA is calling on vehicle owners, repair facilities and insurance companies to increase utilization of ROE – Recycled Original Equipment® automotive parts as the average age of light vehicles in operation rises to 12.1 years. In response to new research from IHS Market, a research firm that delivers an annual report on the age of […]